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Dinner at Gabriella’s: A Modern Italian Steakhouse in Red Bank, NJ

In the heart of Red Bank, New Jersey, surrounded by busy shops and lively nightlife, there’s a special place restaurant that diners flock to from all over the Garden State—Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse. It’s not just a restaurant, but an experience where you can enjoy classic steakhouse fare combined with the charm of modern Italian cooking. The owner, Frank Brusco, and Chef Michael Tsarnas make sure every meal is fantastic.

The Minds Behind Gabriella’s

In 2019, Frank Brusco and Gabriella Varshavky, who worked together at Brusco’s first restaurant, Patricia’s of Holmdel, joined forces to create Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse, named after Varshavky. Brusco, deeply rooted in New Jersey’s restaurant scene through his family, is more than a businessman; he’s a guardian of culinary tradition. His aim for Gabriella’s reflects his reverence for heritage. Brusco fosters a welcoming ambiance, ensuring each guest feels like part of the extended Gabriella’s family.

Adding to the duo’s commitment to hospitality is Chef Michael Tsarnas, whose culinary journey started in European kitchens under esteemed chefs. With a rich international background, Tsarnas merges classic Italian techniques with global influences. His insistence on fresh, seasonal ingredients guarantees each dish at Gabriella’s is a culinary masterpiece, showcasing his steadfast pursuit of culinary perfection.

A Night at Gabriella’s

Entering Gabriella’s feels like stepping back in time to an era of grace and sophistication. Soft lighting, cozy booths, and rich wood accents create a warm and intimate atmosphere. The carefully chosen wine list, featuring Italian and Californian wines, perfectly complements the menu.

Your culinary journey starts at the raw bar, where fresh oysters, clams, and shrimp are beautifully presented on a bed of ice. The attentive staff can help you choose the best pairing for your chilled glass of prosecco.

For the main course, the star attraction is undoubtedly the steak selection. Gabriella’s offers only the finest USDA Prime Beef, aged to perfection in-house. The bone-in ribeye, a favorite, is bursting with flavor and cooked just the way you like it, giving you a personalized dining experience.

But Gabriella’s isn’t just about steak. Chef Tsarnas prepares a variety of Italian specialties with care. Handmade pastas, cooked perfectly, await your choice of rich sauces like classic pomodoro or indulgent lobster fra diavolo. Seafood lovers can enjoy dishes like grilled Mediterranean sea bass with lemon sauce or a vibrant shellfish dish in tomato broth.

Of course, no Italian meal is complete without dessert. Gabriella’s offers a crowd-pleasing tiramisu and a refreshing panna cotta with seasonal fruit compote, providing a sweet end to your perfect meal.

A Legacy in the Making

Gabriella’s isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a symbol of family, tradition, and a love for great food. Frank Brusco’s dream and Chef Michael Tsarnas’ cooking skills have combined to make it a special spot for anyone who loves good dining. Beyond the fancy food and nice atmosphere, there’s a real sense of warmth and community thanks to the caring staff and the Brusco family’s commitment to their customers.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in a well-deserved night out, Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse is a destination waiting to be discovered. It’s a place where memories are made, one delicious bite at a time.

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