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Red Bank Royalty: Gabriella's Defines Luxury With Collectible Cars & A Speakeasy

Updated: Jun 10

If you or someone you love is a car enthusiast, last night’s car show at Gabriella’s was one for the books. Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse of Red Bank, New Jersey hosted an event called ‘Cars & Champagne,’ and – as expected – the display was quite impressive. This was the first-ever car show hosted by Gabriella’s, and most definitely not the last.

While Gabriella’s usually has eye candy parked outside of the restaurant, last night’s presentation was a much higher caliber of luxury and horsepower.

The car show was held in honor of the restaurant opening its new speakeasy-themed dining room. The back room of the restaurant was under construction for the last few months and was finally opened to the public last night.

Owners Gabriella Varshavsky and Franke Brusco were excited to show off the new room, and rightfully so as it was absolutely stunning – and in true speakeasy fashion, it was very well hidden. In all honesty, if you didn’t see people walking in and out of the wall, or hear music blasting from the other side of the wall, you’d have no idea it was back there. This was cool since it looked like an old-fashioned speakeasy, but the vibe was very much in the present.

“Big news guys! Lock the date. May 4th, remember the date! Grand opening of our brand new room here at Gabriella’s. We’re showcasing it, Live DJ, Champagne, all night long. Remember the most important part, the first 30 people that filled out the form on our website, we have a reserved spot for all the fancy cars. So take out your car, it's the best time of year to do it! Remember, May 4th, looking forward to seeing you guys!” – Frankie Brusco, Co-Owner of Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse, (one week before the official opening of the new speakeasy room and car show.)

“We had a great turnout yesterday at Gabriella's cars and champagne event. We celebrated the opening of Gabriella’s new addition to their speakeasy bar and dining room. Over 50 exotic cars showed up including Lamborghinis, McLarens, Porsche, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce. The mayor of Red Bank was there for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. After we hung out in the parking lot talking about cars, we went inside to eat some delicious food. We ordered everything from salads, clams, oysters, shrimp, lobster, meatballs, steak, and pasta. Gabriella’s has one of the best vibes of any NJ restaurant in my opinion. They have a live DJ and play a great selection of music and they have two huge bars where everyone hangs out before and after dining. We will be hosting a car and social event once a month at the top restaurants in NJ. If you have a restaurant that you think would fit this event please reach out to Supercar_shar or cars and social.” – ‘Andy’ Sharnov, SuperCar ‘Shar’

Photo Credits: Smart Marketing

Instagram: @smartmarketingg

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